Creating Perfect Portals for your DJ Event Planner

Client Portal
Customization & Branding

Your company website is your clients first impression of your business.  Your client portal should be a seamless transition to this same look and feel so they don't think they have ever left your site.  Let us take your client portal to that next level that your customers will love.


Email System
Personalized & Automated

Emails, Emails, Emails...these can be a huge undertaking without some automation to take on the work for you. Keep in contact with potential clients. Send event updates, to do lists and even helpful suggestions to existing clients.  You can also schedule birthday greetings and anniversary congratulatory messages for future use.  Branded emails give you a professional edge.

Planning Forms
Builds & Automation

Planning forms need to be functional.  Not only for your clients but also for you and your DJ's (if you are a multi op).  Automated forms allow your customers to only fill out what is necessary and saves you on printing costs.  No more endless pages of empty fields. Let us help you get organized and truly efficient with your event information.

DJEP Consulting
Setup & Optimization

Dreading the daunting task of setting up an entire system on your own?  Don't have the time or just plain lost?  No need to worry.  We are here to help.  Ask us about how we can assist you in putting together your DJEP so that it works for you!​ We can also assist in integrating DJEP elements into your website. Contact us for details!

Contracts + Invoices
Customization & Branding

As DJ's/Entertainers and even sometimes Photobooth Operators as well, we have so many different types of events that one contract or invoice just doesn't make sense for all.  Let us help you get all of those meaningful details into your documents and avoid contract confusion. (Please note: Perfect Portals does not provide any terms and conditions for your contracts.  These are your responsibility).
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